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GUYEEEEEEERE! Magical Worlds of Wonder and Whimsy!!!

Feast Your Eyes and Let Your Imagination Take Flight!

GUYEEEERE!!!! Worlds of Wonder and Whimsy!!
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Why "GUYEEERE?" It is a word my best friend made up during her childhood that we've been using ever since...one of those wonderful all-purpose words that means "Excellent!", "Wonderful!", "Hurray!", "Way to GO!", "Praise the Lord!", "WOW!" "I found it!", "YESSSSS!", "I'm impressed!", "I'm happy!", "I feel good!" and just about any other happy, positive expression you can think of all rolled into one!!

THis is a happy, positive, feel-good community for all kinds of colourful artwork and fun, exciting whimsical stuff. It's a place to share interesting links, promote communities that might be relavent and generally share your dreams and visions of beauty and inspiration as well as fun, wacky amsing stuff that's out-of-the ordinary!!!!

BTW, I like to put most of my stuff behind cuts here, just to prolong the suspense a bit...

FLASH!! We have now just become the home of....
Glitter @ HotGlitter.com

All the more reason to share your eclectic talents and story ideas!!!